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Is your intuition being blocked by these two things?

There are two really big blocks that come between us and using our intuition in daily life. Intuitive Intelligence is actually the idea that we can be living our lives from our intuition; practically, logically, every day, every decision being motivated by our inner...

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The question that set me free from unhappiness

When I first connected to this question it was like something cracked open inside of me to let the light in. When the question was asked of me, the world stopped. Everything since that moment has changed for the better. [et_bloom_inline...

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How to access the highest vibrational frequency now

Intuition for Mastery is about making a decision to take disciplined action around expanding our consciousness. And here is an incredibly joyful and simple non-negotiable devotional practice to support your attainment of mastery through your feeling state. Mastery is...

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Every Conversation We Are Having About Intuition Is Wrong

Every conversation we're having about intuition is wrong. We should begin with one question. One question that will show us where we're living through our intuition in our daily lives, and how living through our intuition makes us feel. The question we should begin...

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Determine the future with one simple practice

The law of vibration is one of the three immutable laws of the Universe. When we understand and abide by the laws we find our success is inevitable. In this video I explain how living in accordance with the law will line you up with the absolute brightest future....

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One powerful mantra to connect with your fearlessness

Spiritually Fierce, my brand new book, was released just 3 days ago! I am still on such a high! In this video I talk about one of the most life changing questions that has been asked of me. It is so important to me that I have had it tattooed on my body, and I am also...

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How to make love with your hands

There are lots of super fast hacks we can use to rewire our subconscious, that storehouse of all our unmet fear. The subconscious isn’t primed for fear, it simply accepts whatever we offer it. We need to retrain it and as a result attune ourselves to a different...

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Spiritually Fierce is on tour!

This weekend I was at Artful Business Conference on the first date on the Spiritually Fierce book tour! It is now only one month until the book is launched and I am so excited to be out in the world talking about it! You can check out a snippet of the live talk here....

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Rise of Divine Feminine

Do you know your history, sister? “The mystical woman is the ultimate wild woman.” Sally Lakshmi Thurley For 8,000 years, since the beginning of the decimation of the goddess cultures, women have been slowly reduced in power, authority, connection, value and place. “A...

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Foundation of Intuition

I have been a spiritual seeker all of my adult life. I did my first Reiki training when I was 15. But in fact I started before that because my mother is a great channel and so all of my life it’s been very normal for spirituality to be at the front and center of who I...

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The subconscious mind rules everything about us

I make a joke in my Intuitive Intelligence workshops. I joke that we are all crack addicts. It’s not very funny, really, but my point is this. Just because our addiction is easier to conceal than a junkie's, it doesn’t make it any less scary. The truth is we are in...

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