On 14th July 2017, Ricci-Jane’s book, Spiritually Fierce became an Amazon Best Seller. As part of the day she hosted an incredible online launch party.

This 30 minute writing workshop answered the burning questions from her tribe about how to take your book from where it is to where you want it to be.

In this 30 minutes Ricci-Jane gives away her top tips that took her book from idea to bestseller.

This video includes:

  • why your voice matters and why NOT taking action on your book is saying NO to the Infinite
  • How to identify the why of your book
  • how to structure and plan to create a map for success
  • The importance of the deadline
  • How to make the personal story universally appealing
  • What is intertexuality and why is it so important for your book?
  • The top tip to being a great writer
  • pronouns!
  • The biggest thing you need to do to get the book written AND
  • what will you surrender to make space to write.

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